We upgraded Slack reminders

Use the power of Slack to ensure you are always reminded. Welcome to the future.

We've upgraded reminders to send multiple messages.

Step 1

Install and authorize Slack

We need your permission to allow Reminder Bot to talk to you. By connecting you will be sent to Slack, whom will require you to login and authorise your team to receive messages.

Step 2

Create a reminder

You are now ready to start talking to Reminder Bot! We will supply a few examples, or you can create your own.

Step 3

Create your account

We will ask who you are in order to send reminders to your applications.

What is Reminder Bot for?

Our bot allows you to receive regular messages for daily, weekly or monthly routines.

Gym Reminder
Reminder Bot App 5:30 am
It's time to go to the gym!
Reminder Completed
Reminder Bot App 11:45 am
Is lunch a good workout time? Better now than never!
Would you like to complete your reminder?
Yes No
Medication Update
Slack with random messages
Reminder Bot App 9:37 am
Please take your 10:00am medication
Reminder Ignored
Reminder Bot App 9:37 am
Please take your 6:00pm medication
Reminder Completed
Pet Schedule
Slack with SMS messages
Reminder Bot App 5:30 am
Time to do the kitty litter!
Would you like to complete your reminder?
Yes No
Please remind your husband to take out the kitty litter... 64
Sent to Amy at 8:00pm
Cleaned! 64
Sent from Chris at 8:05pm

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Interested in reminders for your team?

Reminder Bot can improve accountability for team members. Regular meetings, timesheets and can all become accountable and monitorable actions. We can create daily and weekly reports on the activity of your team.

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