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We upgraded Slack Reminders.

Automate reminders for you and your team, track who has completed tasks,
and keep your work and personal reminders.

Step 1

Install and authorize Slack

We need your permission to allow Reminder Bot to talk to you. By connecting you will be sent to Slack, whom will require you to login and authorise your team to receive messages.

Step 2

Create a Reminder

You are now ready to start talking to Reminder Bot! We will supply a few examples, or you can create your own.

Step 3

Create your Account

We will ask who you are in order to send reminders to your applications.

Using the App

Don’t want to miss a thing?

Reminder Bot can keep your business and personal life on target. If you're always forgetting important things, like collecting the kids from soccer, taking your pills, or sending out the client invoices, it's a real lifesaver. The reminders you can set are only really limited by your imagination.

01 Reminders for Teams

Work smarter

Save time and streamline the time-consuming task of managing your team’s productivity, setting tasks and monitoring their progress.

Reminders for Teams
02 Reminders for Fitness

Exercise regularly

Never forget a workout session again. When you set up Reminder Bot to jog your memory, you can keep yourself on track to reach those fitness goals.

Reminders for Gym
03 Reminders for taking Medication

Keep healthy

Administer medicine or perform health checks on time. Set the app to remind you and other carers to take care of your own or your loved ones’ health.

Reminders for Healthcare
04 Reminders for Today

Stay connected

Save your memory for family memories. Take care of the chore of allocating chores, remembering events and keeping your busy home organised.

Reminders for Families
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