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By completing reminders regularly we believe that you can achieve the following:

Develop daily habits

Daily reminders can be setup to send at random occurrences. Train yourself to remember your tasks.

Keep your 2019 resolutions

One reminder for each resolution that you’ve make for yourself. Send regular messages to keep yourself on track.

Improve self-discipline

Think you can’t manage to stick to your boring tasks? We have the tools to help you be active.

Stick to your routines

We can remind you at the correct time. Your jobs will get done. Problem solved.

Pay your bills online

Create a reminder tell you how much you should pay rent, electricity and other bills.

Share responsibilities

Add an extra message to send to someone else to keep you accountable.

Perfect for medication.

Reminder Bot is a great way to ensure that the elderly, disabled and sick are up to date with their medication. Multiple messages can be sent for daily routines.

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Interested in reminders for your team?

Reminder Bot can improve accountability for team members. Regular meetings, timesheets and can all become accountable and monitorable actions. We can create daily and weekly reports on the activity of your team.

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