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By empowering social media, SMS messages and calendars all your apps are together for the one purpose.

Social and Chat

Get reminders to all your current apps.


Receive and reply from your mobile.


Show all reminders on your calendars.

What is Reminder Bot for?

Our bot allows you to receive regular messages for daily, weekly or monthly routines.


Detail out what medication you need to take at the right times. One reminder can be made for each dosage.

Gym Updates

Get prepared for your normal gym day. Done for the day? Reply and no further messages are sent.

Feeding your Pet

Do you need constant reminders to feed your pet? One reminder per day and there's no need to remember.

Your Daily Routines

Add your daily routines and be reminded with your own custom messages.

Perfect for medication.

Reminder Bot is a great way to ensure that the elderly, disabled and sick are up to date with their medication. Multiple messages can be sent for daily routines.

Should medication be forgotten a nominated carer can be alerted.

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