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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we'd like to answer before you start

How are our reminders different to others?

Our research told us that reminders are completed more often if more messages are sent. We make it easy to chain multiple messages across multiple platformas

We allow flexibility. Our reminders are designed for ongoing tasks and updates.

Will replying to a message complete the reminder?

Replying to the first of multiple messages will complete the task.
ie, taking medication and replying to the first the second and third will not send.

Can I be reminded daily?

Yes! We allow daily, weekly, monthly and cycles of 1 to 6 days.

Can one reminder can sent to multiple people?

Yes! You can send messages to chat connections once they are enabled.

How often can messages be sent?

Messages within reminders can be spaced out by 15 minute intervals.

Are there limits?

There are many reminders available per person.
We set the limit for reminders at 50 with 10 messages each.

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Interested in reminders for your team?

Reminder Bot can improve accountability for team members. Regular meetings, timesheets and can all become accountable and monitorable actions. We can create daily and weekly reports on the activity of your team.

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